CaraClub – Charity

Charitable Donations

  • Guyana Red Cross
  • The Guyana Red Cross Society provides emergency shelter, food and medicine, water and sanitation, restores family contact for disaster victims, disaster preparedness, community-based health and care, first-aid training and activities, control and prevention of disease, HIV / AIDS prevention, blood donor recuitment, youth and volunteer activities and other life-preserving services nationwide. (learn more)
  • 25,000 Cara Points
  • St Dominics Home
  • Saint Dominic’s Home is a nonprofit Catholic human services agency that provides 40 human services and programs in the Bronx and the Lower Hudson Valley (Rockland and Orange Counties) to nearly 1,800 individuals, many of whom are children, and families of all backgrounds that are developmentally disabled, socially disadvantaged and, or, vocationally challenged. (learn more)
  • 25,000 Cara Points
  • Your Favorite Charity
  • We recognize that you may have your own favorite charitiable cause that you wish to support. In that light, we will gladly make a US $150 donation to a registered non-profit organization or NGO of your choice in either Guyana or Trinidad/Tobago.
  • 25,000 Cara Points